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I am modeling a radiant slab in eQuest and have an error I cannot track down.? The model runs fine, with no errors until I do a LEED compliance analysis and get the following error:

"Set system FAN-SCHEDULE to max zone sym idx: CRule:Eval() error posting
symbolic (value 2.67146e.297) result to BDL"

Has anyone had this issue and found a solution?
Brad Robinson

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I would check to make sure you don't have any unconditioned spaces included in the schedules?

I would basically check all the zone assignments in the water and air-side system modules in detail edit mode.  Make sure you don't have any conditioned zones that should be unconditioned, or vice-versa.

Some of these compliance errors that occur int he latest version of eQuest can be averted by going back tot he prevous version of eQuest 3.65.

This happened to me a few weeks ago.  I had BDL errors that had to do with underground walls and I couldn't run an error-free analysis.

When I went back to the previous 3.65 version of eQuest it worked no problem.

But just seeing the error tells me that it is likely to do with zone assignments (conditioned vs unconditioned).  And if that is the case you would likely have the error even if you went back to the previous version.


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