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Can I use metric units? when and where I can make the change in units?

Thanks. Maria Elena..
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Hi Maria Elena,

eQuest doesn't have metric units available yet, though that's one of the major features the Canadian version (called CanQuest) that is under development will add. It has been "soon to be released" for a couple of years now, though, so I would get used to manual unit conversions for the moment.


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The eQuest project is dead, anything that is current is what there is, and
there is not more development going into the code. There many are issues,
and no support other then this list. To use eQuest you must be comfortable
with developing workflows to work around issues you may come across.
CanQuest will never be finished, so don't hold your breath, also do not use
the compliance tools if you expect to create a compliant building, as they
do not work.

You could allwees use a spreadsheet to convert, but the text files are very
time consuming to convert to spreadsheet.

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I've heard this assertion a few times now, but have seen no verification.
Got an email from Hirsch, Gates, Criswell, or Addison confirming that eQuest
will no longer be developed?


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