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I?m having some difficulty simulating a pump in my Plants.

I?ve created an Air cooled chiller that is attached only to the cooling
plant, and produces cooling and heating, in the heating plant I have a
boiler just in case the outside temperature drops below the minimum
operating set point.

In my simulation the boiler never needs to work because I have a minimum
temperature of 5 ?C.

If I attach a pump to my Cooling Plant, it just gives me results in the
cooling months,in the heating months it does?t work.

I need to simulate a pump that works in summer and in Winter, and I?m not
been able to do it yet.

This pump should work all year, because it distributes hot and cold water to
my refrigerating systems.

Does anyone can help me with this...

Leandro Lopes

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This following was a response I received from CDS to a similar question but regarding fan operation instead of pumps. Perhaps the same thing applies since there is only one pump - you will have to verify.

The furnace system is a cooling and heating system with one fan. As a result, the fan is listed as the "cooling fan" in the system load profile. This is a bit misleading as the fan does heating as well. If you look at the total hours for the cooling fan of the furnace system, you get 8760 hours, so it represent the entire year. This is explained in the helpfile for the system load report (hit the F1 key while looking at the report).

The unit heater system is a heating only system with one fan, so the fan is considered a heating fan. In Trace, the only systems with both a heating fan and a cooling fan would be systems with two supply fans - one for heating and one for cooling.

Caleb B.


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