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Does anyone have a link or copy of the power point presentation that details how to model a VRF system in equest?

Brian Davis

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Here you go!


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I don't contribute much but have to say that the experience and help here is fantastic and I love reading each one


Michael Hupel

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i am looking at the leed "EAp2 Section 1.4 tables.xls" file for a leed
3.0 project & there is a section for "Model Input Parameter/Energy
Efficiency Measure" for the baseline and proposed case feeder voltage
drop and branch circuit voltage drop.

has anyone filled this out yet? to the best of my knowledge these are
not items than can be input into equest. or hap. or trace. both are
calculations based on the run from the service entrance to the breaker
panel(s) and the longest run to an electrical load from the breaker
panel(s) (the branch drop).


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Check whether the project you are working on has the most recent forms
and resources (if not, it will note that it is in Beta). I just opened
the excel file on a project that just started and cannot find voltage
drop referenced anywhere in the spreadsheet.

What they are referring to is likely the mandatory provision from
Section 8 requiring no more than a 2% voltage drop for feeders and no
more than a 3% voltage drop for branch circuits. It may have been in
there on an older version in error because you're right: I do not
believe any traditional energy modeling packages account for this.
Captor/Dapper does as part of that package of software but it is not
performing an energy simulation.

Jeremy R. Poling, PE, LEED AP+BDC

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that could be it. project was initially registered over a year ago.
see attached screenshot of part of spreadsheet.

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