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I am working on a preliminary LEED energy model for a six-story 500,000 square foot parking structure. The parking area is unheated. The major energy usage is lighting; followed by heating of stairs, elevator lobbies, storage, etc.

Do I have to consider a 25% process load? What would that be?


Brian Tysoe M.A.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP

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Hi Brian,

The 90.1 User's manual Table G-B, which I've come to regularly reference
for LEED projects instead of trying to force 25% process loads into my
models, lists parking garages as having a receptacle power density of
"NA" (distinct from the other entries). If you are unaware of any
specific receptacle loads to include, I'd infer from this and the
accompanying text that you're not expected to model any.*

Your process loads overall would still include any garage ventilation
fans, elevators, mechanical bollards, moving walkways, escalators, car
washes, mechanized street sweeping monkeys and so on.


* Small disclaimer: The review process being what it is, nobody can
guarantee a reviewer that will force their personal interpretations down
your throat won't be assigned to your project. The best you can do is
to document plainly any interpretations you have to make, and
cite/reference as you must to make your case clearly rational.

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