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I am currently doing a energy study for an existing facility with
multiple buildings. One building has two stories that are directly
above a three story parking garage. I want to include the parking
garage in the model to account for the lighting load. I would typically
break this up into two separate buildings one being the parking garage
and the next being the two story building.

My problem is on Wizard Screen 3 where I have a choice of defining the
bottom floor of the two story building as being either directly above a
parking garage or exposed to ambient conditions. If I stack the two
story building directly above the three story building model for the
parking garage will choosing "Directly above parking garage" still give
me the effect of exposure to ambient conditions. I am concerned that if
I choose this and I stack the buildings that eQUEST will see the bottom
floor of the two story building as interior space and disregard any
exposure to outdoor air temperatures.

Jason L. Moody, P.E.

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Hi Jason,

Firstly, I would NOT create a second shell for the sole purpose of
modeling an exterior lighting load - I would much rather stick to one
shell and define an exterior lighting load (do-able in both wizards and

That said, eQuest wizards will only affect the behavior of your
constructions if multiple shells have coincident planes "side to side,"
not stacked vertically. Coincident exterior wall areas between shells
will be construed as adiabatic. Floor/roof constructions however never
exhibit this behavior.

If you choose "over conditioned space" you'll get an adiabatic floor.
If you choose anything else other than "earth contact," you'll get a
floor exposed to the elements. The presence of any other shell will not
affect this.


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Forgive my confusion, but could you not use the DD Wizard, create two buildings,
and place the parking garage beneath the building where it is located?

John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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