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To the Group,

I will prefacing this by saying that this is essentially my first time
using eQuest , so please spare no detail. (I say essentially because I
did use eQuest twice about 3 years ago.
I have been tasked with modeling a Multifamily Residential Unit
Building. The target is to be 10% better than Ashrae 90.1 2007.
I would appreciate some direction on how to set up the model. Mostly
with regard to the HVAC system selection, but also confirmation that
other items I mention below are heading in the correct direction.

The building is a 5 story building with non uniform foot prints on each
floor. Dwelling units are accessed from a common interior corridor on
each floor. Corridors are connected by exit stairs and an elevator.
There is a common multipurpose area on the main floor. The main floor
sits above unheated parking.
The building is located near Vancouver Canada.

The the proposed HVAC systems are very simple:
Dwelling units have hydronic baseboard heat and no cooling. Ventilation
is "passive" via an outside air makeup duct that will make up
intermittent kitchen and bathroom exhaust with no additional fan power
or dedicated reheat (just a simple duct from outside to behind the
Corridors are pressurized with a single make up air unit that will
temper air with a hot water coil. Again no cooling.
Hot water for both systems is supplied from a district hot water system
in the neighbourhood. (The district hot water comes from a central gas
boiler plant).

We are currently looking at two energy conservation measures (if
required) to meet our target of 10% better than Ashrae 90.1 2007
ECM1: additional external rigid insulation as required.
ECM2: HRVS in the dwelling units instead of passive makeup air for
kitchen and bathroom exhaust. This also permits us to reduce the
corridor pressurization air volume.

Since the building does not have a uniform foot print from floor to
floor I have skipped over the schematic design wizard to take advantage
of multiple shells in the design development wizard.
I have created a zone for each dwelling unit and for a zone for each
common corridor.
I have ignored non tempered areas like the parking garage, exterior
storage, garbage areas, ect...

I have assigned all the dwelling unit zones to "HVAC SYSTEM 1" and all
the corridors to "HVAC SYSTEM 2".
I'm not sure where to assign the common area located on the main floor.

Assuming I'm on the correct path so far, what I believe I really need
help with is choosing the correct systems in eQuest to reflect proposed
systems in the design.
Also can eQuest automatically generate an Ashrae 90.1 2007 baseline?

Your assistance in greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance.


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