Open Workshop: a Public-Sector Roadmap for Building Energy Modeling - Jan 30/31, Dallas

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Building Energy Modeling: a Public-Sector Roadmap
*Open workshop hosted by the US DOE National Laboratories

Jan 30-31, 2013, Dallas Sheraton Hotel
*In the Spring of 2011, Rocky Mountain Institute hosted a two day summit
that dealt with innovation in building energy modeling (BEM).
Identifying BEM as a key enabling technology for building energy
efficiency, the summit aimed to create 2-5 year roadmaps for significant
aspects of BEM including software platforms, methods and processes,
supporting resources, market drivers, and education. This workshop will
attempt to define BEM priorities and strategies for a public sector road
map of activities for the next 3-5 years. Topics for discussion include:

- Which currently important and emerging use cases of BEM need public

- Which areas of BEM need additional basic research, measurement, or

- What are realistic and strategic goals for EnergyPlus functionality,
speed, use, and user-support?

- What are realistic and strategic goals for supporting software tools
like OpenStudio?

- How does the public sector push standards and interoperability?

- How can the public sector collect, vet, and organize data to help BEM

- How can the public sector help scale BEM education and training?

- What are the most productive ways for public entities to collaborate
with the private sector?

This open workshop will be held at the Dallas Sheraton immediately
following the ASHRAE Winter Meeting and all who would like to provide
input or contribute to the discussion are encouraged to participate. The
first half-day session will be from 1pm to 6pm on Wednesday, Jan. 30,
2013. The second half-day session will be from 8am to 12noon on
Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013. So that we can get an estimated head count for
planning purposes, please inform Caroline Hutchinson
if you expect to attend.

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