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Please see earlier post by Daniel O,Carroll.

I'd be interested in trainings in the Pacific-Northwest region if anyone
knows of any.

Rich Beedle LEED AP

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Hello everyone,

How are you doing through these trying times?

Let me wish the best for every one of you.

We shall soon be performing energy audit for existing schools and
municipal buildings (small office buildings, water and waste water pump
stations etc).

These are not design engineering, drawing type services.

It is more of evaluation of energy consumption patterns based on
evaluation of existing heating and cooling hvac systems, available
utility consumption

data and costs etc.

Providing recommendations and broad specifications on viable Energy
Conservation Measures,

Calculate their capital cost and saving of energy consumption and cost.

Calculate Simple payback and Return on Investment data.

I know that most of these highlighted functions, as referred above, can
be easily performed with eQuest (Wizard??).

I am not very much familiar with eQuest program.

Can anyone direct me to the appropriate section of the web pages?

Better yet - we might be performing many such projects thru next few
years. Couple of (NJ) professionals with good experience in the
aforementioned scopes

can express their interest by calling Peter at 732 390 8069/207 4270

Thanks for the help.

Peter K Duttaroy, PE

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I have an issue with modeling a Baseline PTAC unit. When I consult the fan curve in appendix G of ASHRAE 90.1, the fan power for my PTAC system is very high. I add up all of my PTAC unit's cfm and then apply them to the curve but I am getting a result around 0.000656 kw/cfm. This also lowers the cooling EIR by a large amount when the overall efficiency is taken into account. This is a very large amount of energy over one year's time. I need to simulate the fan power because the heat source is hot water and it will not be accurate if there is no fan power during the winter.

Also, The proposed system is heating the rooms by radiant floor heating. I use baseboard heating in the model to simulate this, but do I also use baseboard in the baseline design or just hot water coils in the PTAC? Thank you for any help.

John Grando

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