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Hi Siddharth,

For a solar PV panel calculation you will be required to fetch the solar PV
total consumption for the whole year.
You are then required to deduce the solar PV electrical output capacity in
kWh by may be exceptional calculation from the total yearly electrical
consumption of the Proposed Case.

For baseline case there is no need to add the solar PV consumption or even
to alter the calculation.

The deduced proposed case consumption shall be counted as the actual
proposed case consumption after the solar PV installed capacity calculation.

You can have a look at the solar PV calculation from my previous posts.

The total yearly consumption from the solar PV can be obtained from the
total Solar panel area, solar PV efficiency, total average solar insolation
for the larger part of year then the number of days or time duration the
solar PV can operate in an year.
Might be helpful.


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Hello, I am modeling PV system into my eQuest model. I want to run it over
my baseline model and see how much savings I get. For this I am trying to
set a global parameter or the command-keyword method for parametric run.
How can I set a global parameter for Electric meter - Cogeneration - Track
Mode parameter?

Thanks in advance!

*Siddharth S. Patil*

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