Tools and Survey on HVAC Design Practices

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Dear all,

Are you an architect or analyst who works with HVAC systems? Do you want to
see real improvements in the integrated design process? What tools and
HVAC-related information would your team benefit from receiving earlier?

The MIT *Sustainable Design Lab *has been working on new workflows to
integrate spatial and performance implications of different HVAC systems
earlier in the design process. We've developed a new webform system selector

we encourage you to test as well as a prototype design tool and exercise
. Comments are very well

As we try to improve the integrated design process, we would love to hear
more about how you and your firm design and coordinate HVAC systems. To
better understand current practices and needs, we developed a brief, fully
anonymized, online survey that we cordially invite you to participate in.
Please select the appropriate survey for your role:

- Sustainability Analyst

- Architectural Designer

If relevant, please also forward this email to other members of your team.

Thank you for your time,


*Ali Irani*
Sustainable Design Lab at MIT
*PhD Candidate | MIT School of Architecture *

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This is pretty cool!
We do a ton of single family homes in our office. I think this may be useful to some of our teams

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