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The Trane Trace energy cost budget report shows no cooling energy, despite having a cooling plant modeled. Also, the yearly energy cost reported is zero, despite having a reported yearly electricity usage. Is there a bug in the program?. Has anyone experience this?

A little background on the plants being modeled. The cooling plant is modeled as 10 water source heat pumps piped in parallel along with a district cooling plant under the cooling plants tab. The primary purpose of the heat pumps is to provide heating while the district cooling plant provides cooling to the building. The heat pumps take chilled water return from the campus loop and reject the heat to the building, while returning chilled water back to the campus loop.



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The simple answer would be to double check that your economics are entered
properly. Also, did you have it scan for errors?

I have had files become corrupt with Trace and do crazy things like this
(that's why I archive at least daily and save all the old archives so I can
recover is something happens.) Usually CDS can repair the file, so you may
just want to call them because they'll have more suggestions. Also,
sometimes if you get an error right after it calculates weird things will
happen to the reports and you need to re-run the calculation.

You may also want to post to trace-users at and - they're
ever-so-slightly more active for Trace questions.

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