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Hello, everyone,

I have a PVAVS system for a building in Florida, which, obviously, will
not have an economizer. Unfortunately, in the "Outside Air and Economizer"
tab under the "Outside Air" tab of the "Air-Side HVAC System Parameters"
section, there is no apparent way to tell eQuest that I do not have an
economizer. How can I tell eQuest that I don't have an economizer?
More generally, how can I tell eQuest that a certain feature or
component does not exist? In lighting, I can at least force the photometric
data to be ignored in electrical power calculations by choosing the
"Luminaire Count" method. However, for many things, there doesn't seem to
be a way to opt-out.

Lars Fetzek, EI

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Set your OA control to fixed fraction, then it will not open for free
cooling. (although it surprises me that there is no benefit to free
cooling in Florida. Perhaps I need to visit -- but I think I'll wait
until winter here!)

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