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Has anyone modeled (or approximated) a munters unit in eQuest? Any
suggestions on how this could be done?



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I have never done this before but I would imagine you could use the "add-on
desiccant" tab on your ERV or DOA unit to create a desiccant that would
regenerate from the cooling waste heat from your chiller. I'm pretty sure
this can be done correctly. Let me know if you have any success.

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If your trying to approximate the energy use of a Dry Cool Munters Unit
versus a regular unit, in a parametric run, first specify 100% for
maximum humidity control.

You must then adjust your cooling capacity. Remember that a Munters Unit
doesn't need to "over-cool". You could approximate this using a
psychometric chart. Figure out the difference in enthalpy between your
mixed air condition and your coil discharge condition (accounting for
over-cooling) for a regular unit. Then figure out the enthalpy
difference for your Munters unit, which would be your mixed air
condition and your desired supply air condition (55F, 50%RH for
example). The ratio between those differences should give you a good
approximation on how much to de-rate your cooling capacity.


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