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Hi All,

I am modeling new office building for LEED certification .Our proposed mechanical design is "Variable Refrigerant" split systems for the heating/cooling. We will have decoupled OA, and are planning on having DOAS units located in the attic. Is it possible to model a VRF system in eQuest? If yes, how it is done? If it can't be done in eQuest, tell us any other energy modelling software to model it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Soham Babu

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I'm fairly new at using eQuest but it is my
understanding that the modeling of VRF system in eQuest is not supported
but was to be updated in the near future. California uses a software
package called EnergyPro which just added the capability of modeling VRF
systems. You should be able to connect with them through their website
at www.energysoft.com. Thanks,

Philip Decker

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