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Hi Everybody,
I'm trying to modify the area of a polygon in the DD stage, is there a way to change zoning without going back to wizard?

Thank you in advance

William G. Lopez CEM.

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Under the Building Shell 2-D tab you can click on the "Grid" icon that
is in the toolbar available in the viewport. From there you can edit the
polygon in a way similar to what was available in the wizard.

However, modifying zones is still very tricky. The reference vertex will
move if you add or delete vertexes. One also has to be careful of what
is referencing the polygon one is trying to change. If you are deleting
vertexes, all the walls/windows that reference that vertex have to be
deleted first. Finally if you delete or create an entirely new zone, the
corresponding thermal zone needs to be created/deleted or else the model
won't run. The above are the things that I can think of that someone has
to be mindful of. There are probably others that I rediscover every time
I try to do this again. Depending on the complexity of the change, it
can be quite a painful experience.

Save your model under multiple backups, under different names often,
because if something goes wrong it is hard to track down exactly why,
and it is easier to start fresh again.


Jordan Bouchard, LEED(r) AP

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Does anyone have a simple way to evaluate Title-24 Ruleset errors in the Compliance runs for the State of California?

Thanks in advance.

John R. Aulbach, PE, CEM

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