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Hi everybody,
I'm a new equest user, I am trying to find the default values for the heating and cooling capacities, can somebody help me. Is there a report where I can see them?
Happy New Year!

William G. Lopez CEM

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there are really no default values for capacities. In general, the Loads
module calculates the building loads based on your input parameters for the
building components and occupancy. Then the calculated loads are passed to
the systems module which is where your equipment capacities can be entered.
If you do not specify a capacity input, then DOE2 will "auto-size" your
equipment to a size that will meet the loads. After the systems data has
been calculated the total loads are passed to the Plant module where your
plant equipment (if any) will be "auto-sized" as well. then you can go into
the DOE2 reports and look at your systems & plant reports to find the
calculated capacities of the equipment. Look at your SS reports and PV
reports for this info.


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