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I am trying to build the model for a group of buildings for a hotel. Is
there any way of building the model for the different buildings separately
and importing it into a common project. This is to enable several people to
work on the project simultaneously, as building it as a single project would
take a long time. Any help would be appreciated.

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Today is your lucky day!

The attached discussion/guide to importing walks you through an example
of exactly what you're conceiving: importing multiple buildings into a
common file.

There are some critical steps to ensure you have uniquely named
components that should be considered carefully before starting. Try out
the example first, and be sure you understand my instructions
thoroughly. You might task yourself with additionally creating your own
set of uniquely tagged (i.e. EST/WST) models to import into each other
to get comfortable with the process.

An additional caution: Teamed modeling in eQuest is a logistical
challenge in and of itself. You and your team members should all gain a
solid understanding of importing before getting started. This permits
team members to share/incorporate information and save time avoiding
duplicate work (i.e. custom schedules/constructions/etc) as the separate
models develop.



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