Modeling Water to Water Heat Pumps

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Not sure if somebody answered this yet or not. The short answer is no, but

Anthony Hardman

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I am doing a model right now where I am using multiple Water-to-water heat
pumps in the central plant connected to a geothermal loop. You were reading
the correct section of the DOE2 dictionary. Two things you have to do is
create a Lake/Well circulation loop and then attach your loop-to-loop hp to
it. you will then need to connect the circulation loop to a ground-loop
heat exchanger which is the component that actually exchanges the heat
energy with the ground loop and the building. This circulation loop
(lake/well) is in addition to a chilled water loop feeding your systems and
a hot water loop feeding your systems from the heating side of the heat
pumps. If you would like some help stepping through these inputs. Email me
and we can go through them.

The thing to note about this system option that I don't like so well is that
you can't modulate the flows through the heat pumps themselves, so your pump
energy is predicted high. In my project case I have up to 10 WWHP's and I
have to have three additional pumps associated with each unit--this is
really really high pump/aux energy.


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In my experience, using the method that Pasha outlined, the heat pumps have
not reliably provided heat if there is no cooling load. Has anyone been
able to get the heat pumps to be called "on" when a heating loop is calling,
but there is no load on a cooling loop (all cooling would be rejected to the



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Here is a list of software available from NRC in Canada. EE4 is similar
to eQuest but not as nice a front end on it, same DOE2 engine. The 4th
column has GS2000 which will size ground energy systems. All software
is free to use.
Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.

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