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Dear all,
I want to model a mall .it has a common area in center , which is completely
hollow up to it's all 8th floor and then it has a roof on 8th floor only.
how i am supposed to model it.

plz guide me.
any help is appreciated.

Ashok Singh Tanwar

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Hi Ashok,

There are various approaches to ?atrium? type core spaces. See attached for one discussion that should help.

Don?t forget the archive search pages should be on your favorite/bookmark list: There are many more discussions like this covering multi-story spaces/zones:



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See Examples
Create a separate shell in eQUEST for atriums. The college and school have center spaces with heights higher than the adjacent spaces. The high-rise-bldg has atriums on the corners of every 3 office floors.
With DOE21E (or DOE22) create an 8-level high space with adiabatic interior walls and an external roof. If the interior wall is standard then the adjacent spaces would be ones on the first level.
For a discussion of the projects see articles in
1 - VCT - Architectural-Design and Perim-Zoning-Depth
2 - VCT - Mechanical-Design and Percent-Energy-Savings
Descriptions of Projects P-21 to P-27 have been added. The DOE21E input files will be added if the program becomes open source and active. See Click here
Click here for the Open Letter to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) on Open Source DOE-2.1E.
Is anyone interested in developing a website for teaching Energy Efficient Building Design? The objectives are in the Introduction
The current (temporary) website is paid for ($120 per year) until Dec 18.
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