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Can anyone advise if there's a better way to switch the DX rooftop
air-handling units to chilled water and hot water systems with chillers
and boilers after detailed data editing in eQUEST? I used Wizard Data
Editing but all the detailed data input for hundreds zones could not be
saved. Is there any other way so I don't need to redo the detailed
editing all over again? Thanks.

Sophi Feng, PE, LEED AP

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My suggestion for major hvac changes is to save a new copy of the model by using the save as feature. Then in the new file set up the new hvac system in the wizard mode. Finally, open up both of the .inp files in notepad and copy in the chillers and boilers from the "wizard" file into the existing file. Just make sure you don't copy over the input for the zones. This gets tricky at times, because you need to know what actually needs to be copied over from the "wizard" file. You will get errors opening the adjusted existing file if you copy either too much or too little. I would suggest copying everything that you think needs to copied and then make sure that every U-name that is referenced (equipment names, schedules, loops, etc.) is now in the adjusted existing .inp file.

Alex Chapin, E.I.T., LEED AP

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