Loop Sizing Warning

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Dear All,

In my project with chiller / boiler / fan coil units combination, I am getting the following warning message:

Loop: circLoopTwoPipe heating capacity is smaller than the secondary demand. Primary= -1569000. Secondary= -5169419.

Here, the primary value is the capacity of my boiler that I entered.

The fan coil system is two pipe and I have one primary and 5 secondary loops serving the system. For the secondary loops I do not get any warnings.

When I look at the PS-D Circulation Loop Loads report, I see that for this primary loop my SUM value is -1011 (MBTU) for heating. The peak value is -4414 (KBTU/Hr).

Obviously eQuest does not like the capacity of the boiler. However, this is a proposed design and the system is quite sufficient. Why would the secondary demand on the circLoopTwoPipe be so high?


?mer Moltay, LEED AP

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