Inputting Elevator and Cooking Loads on Sub-Meters

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I am attempting to show elevator and cooking loads on sub-meters so that
I can demonstrate energy use for each of these loads discreetly.

I have attempted setting them up as direct loads, with corresponding
schedule to the Misc. Loads.

I have set them up as Sub-Meters and as Building Meters.

eQuest allows me to set up one sub or building meter no problem. When I
add the second, I get an error and eQuest won't run the simulation.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot?

Grayson Jordan, RA

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Assign the sub-meter to EM1. Otherwise it will give you an error. Open up the BDL file to troubleshoot errors like this.


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I'm sorry - I'm a bit of a novice.

I did try to assign both meters as sub-meters (by setting them up under
the submeter tab of the EM1).

I looked at BDL but couldn't make sense of it.

Any other guidance?

Grayson Jordan, RA

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Hi Grayson,

Everything you've described so far sounds do-able: you should be able to
achieve what you're describing so something less-than-obvious must be

Here are some screenshots of a recent model I did showing my default
meter EM1 with two sub-meters covering a ventilation system and (3)
elevators. Do some comparisons and see if anything is set up

You could also help others help you by describing that error you're
seeing. Many times after encountering an error, if you open the BDL
file in notepad, you can search for the text "ERROR" and that can help
you track down the cause of the issue if you examine the building
description language around that line. This sort of troubleshooting is
deceptively easy to pick up, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty

Let us know how this shakes out for ya!



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