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I am trying to calculate hourly space temperature of each zone in eQuest.
To see the indoor space temperature change pattern, I need the data
generated in hourly data format.
Please help me to figure out how to get the data.

I much appreciate your help in advance.
Thank you.


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In the "Project and Site" tab, there is a section for Hourly Reports in the window pane. Right click on the "Hourly Report Block" folder and choose to create an hourly report block. Name it "Zone temperature data" or something like that. In the scroll down menu for "variable type", select the thermal zone you are interested in. They should be towards the bottom of the list. Then in the "variable list", check the box that says "Current hour zone temp (deg F)" To finish, you need to open the hourly report navigation window and make sure that the block you just created is attached to the default hourly report that is created with every project.

Now simulate the building. Depending on what version of eQUEST you have, you can either export the hourly results from the .sim file, or export them by selecting "Export hourly results..." from the File drop down menu.

Good luck.


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I spent several years with DOE-2 modeling in the early 1990s, but I am rusty
and I am a new eQUEST user, so I have what should be a basic question:

I was checking the reasonableness of an eQUEST run by comparing the annual
end-use data with data from the California End-Use Survey--CEUS.

In doing so, I learned that the Vent Fans end-use kWh in eQUEST appears to
only include the kWh associated with providing outside air ventilation, not
the total fan kWh. I checked Report SV-A, the annual reports, and the
hourly reports, and compared them to what I would calculate for fan energy
based on the input CFM and a reasonable pressure rise, and this seems pretty
clear. However, this inference seems to contradict the documentation, so I
am not sure.

What is included in the VENT / VENT FANS end-use, and what is included in
the COOL end-use?

FWIW, the systems are packaged VAV.


William E. Koran, P.E.

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Mahabir Bhandari, Ph.D.

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Does anyone know how to implement a boiler stack economizer into an
eQuest model?


Timothy Howe

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I don't think eQuest has an option for a boiler stack economizer.

I had one on a past energy model. I increased the efficiency of the boiler based on the heat I was recovering from the economizer.

Hope this helps.


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I think Mark is right. That is the way I always did ii in DOE-2.1E, and
I am unaware of any enhancements to 2.2 (eQuest engine).

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