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I?m hoping someone can help me figure out how to get eQuest to perform a
unit sizing according to a user-defined cooling design day as opposed to the
hourly weather data.

Situation: I?m modeling a four-story residential building in West Palm
Beach, FL where each apartment uses a split system. I?m getting an odd
situation where eQuest tells me the peak cooling load is being set in
January, and while I haven?t 100% figured that one out, I suspect if I tell
the program to size the unit based on a cooling design day derived from
ASHRAE data then that issue will go away.

Problem: I can?t figure out how to define the outside air conditions for the
cooling design day.

I know there was a recent discussion on using eQuest to do equipment sizing,
but I can? find that discussion on the archives. Here?s what I have figured
* If you?re modeling a location outside California, you have to manually
input temperatures and humidity for the design day. These are going to be
worse than probably anything in the weather data file because they?re
extremes (the ASHRAE 97.5% or similar).
* eQuest lets you define ?CDD? schedules where you can specify percentages
for occupancy, lighting, misc equipment, etc. I know how to do this.

So where do I go in eQuest to define my cooling design day exterior
conditions? Is it in the Wizard? Do I do it via Detailed Data interface?
Do I have to go all the way out to the BDL file, alter it in a text editor,
and then run DOE2 separately from eQuest? (I haven?t figured out how to
make changes to a BDL and run it in eQuest without eQuest overwriting any of
my changes.)

Help. Please.

Steve Samenski PE

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I only know of creating design days in the Detailed Edit mode, but it's
not hard. Click on the Project and Site tab to bring up its window pane
and then right click on the top line that says "Project: ...(whatever
your project name is)". One of the options is "Create Design Day..."
and you can specify whether it's heating or cooling.

Good luck.

Andrew Craig, EIT,LEED AP

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