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I am modeling a supermarket with a considerable refrigeration load. I
created my model in v 3.63 (due to excessive 3.64 crashes), and have had
some problems getting the model to simulate.

An error that keeps reoccurring states that the zone where the
refrigeration is located must be the first zone defined in its system ie
Zone 1 must be the first defined zone in AHU-1. However, even after I
fix this, the error keeps reoccurring. Saving and re-opening the model
has not helped. I've noticed that moving the refrigeration to the zone
that is defined last within the system sometimes fixes this, but not for
all systems.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Kristin Gustafson

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I do not have experience with this particular error. However, there is a refrigeration version of eQuest (3.61) I believe, and I've used this to successfully model a grocery store. Perhaps if you're not able to solve the problem you could give the refrigeration version a try.

Adam Towell

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