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Dear all,

Please advise how can I see the full 3D view of a high rise building without
being detached in the typical floors


Elie Ayoub

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I'm assuming your use of floor multipliers (a default behavior for multi-story shells) was deliberate.

Save a separate copy of your project (you'll delete this later), go back to wizards, open the shell(s) with multiple stories, and un-tick the indicated box in the first screen:
[cid:image002.png at 01CF41BB.C9B66F60]

Upon finishing the wizards, equest will generate a shell (and in turn, surfaces viewable in the 3D view) for each story - "completing" the 3D view.

If your issue is rather clipping of the view for a large project, and zooming doesn't help, I would suggest manually fiddling with the view settings, but at this point I'm stretching to cover what your question might really be about =).

Hope that covers it!


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