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Dear All,

Please advice how can we define the space attached in the pics using eQUEST

I am dealing with a two storey office and want to define its geometry in

I tried to use the AutoCAD drawing but eQUEST wasn't reading it properly

I have Double Glazing for the upper office floor with a void between them.
This Void is connected to the lower office space as you can see from the

Please help so I would be able to perform the energy modeling on this

Best Regards

Elie Ayoub

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I see a few paths forward, of varying complexity:

- Are you comfortable assuming the double height shades are static, or do you want to define them with a fractional annual shading schedule? (the former can be accomplished in wizards with 2 window types, the latter requires detailed edits)

- Are you comfortable with massaging the interior zone layouts such that both floors have identical footprint? If so, that also simplifies things much further geometrically and the geometries can be done largely within the wizards.

- I think any approach will require detailed edits to switch the 2nd level office partitions (glazing) to something thermally representative of glass.

- If neither above simplification is acceptable, you can either define 2 shells, one for each level, or 3 nested shells (perimeter donut, core first level, core 2nd level). Each of these approaches requires a fair amount of post-wizard geometrical edits. If you aren't comfortable with detailed mode geometrical edits, factor that into your decision as to whether the "identical zone layout" simplification is acceptable.

Also this may be obvious, but in case you weren't aware, Katia L. opened a thread here for the same building with specific regard to how one might approach the roof geometrically.


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