New DesignBuilder Model Data Tutorials and Webinar

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Our new tutorial series on fast and effective model data entry in DesignBuilder is now released! The tutorials cover several essential areas of DesignBuilder modeling.

These short tutorials provide concise guidance to help you get started using the software. They will also enable existing users to refresh their knowledge with the latest tools, techniques, and tips to help improve your modeling efficiency. If you have never received DesignBuilder training, or were trained using earlier versions of the software, we strongly recommend that you view these short high-impact tutorials.

A few highlights in this latest series of tutorials include:

* Using geometry convention templates to ensure correct volumes and surface areas.
* Using the same model to comply with codes having different geometric conventions (gross/net areas/volumes) without rebuilding your model.
* Specifying the performance of opaque building fabric and glazing.
* Quickly and easily applying opening and shading data to selected facades.
* Modelling the time-varying heat gains in a building from occupancy, equipment, lighting etc., and the time-varying operation of HVAC systems.

The tutorials are freely accessible here: If you don't already have a DesignBuilder login, you can register free on that page.

Join us on 15th March for a Q&A webinar, where our experts will be available to answer your questions on fast and effective model data input in DesignBuilder. You can register free here:

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