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I have a building that will partially overhang a parking area, and i want to
know what the baseline should be according to ASHRAE 90.1 2007. the tables
with the envelope baseline properties does not state anything for this case.

any help or direction is greatly appreciated.

Rob Hudson

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Hi Rob,

It looks to me that you would use the value for Floor provided in Table 5.5
for your climate zone.



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That is the answer i was hoping to get, seeing as i already ran my analysis
with those numbers.

thanks a lot!

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Affirming Carol's answer - something easy to forget is that most text
written in italics in 90.1 (including "Floors" in table 5.5) has a
corresponding definition in the glossary. When in doubt, it doesn't
hurt to check.

That entry reads something like: "any horizontal or nearly-horizontal
part of the envelope that isn't a slab-on-grade floor or a roof."


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