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Does anybody know how to solve the "The parameter is incorrect." Error message? It appears anytime I click on Create System.

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Hi John,

I get that error often enough to have some insight. Usually, I can fix it
by closing the file and reopening it. (save a copy first though!).
Sometimes, instead of this error, you might see that the system entries are
all blank when you try to edit them. My suspicion is that the indexed
inputs in TRACE lose their "alignment" and the file is reading from blank

Thus, if close/reopen doesn't work, you should archive and unarchive. This
will reset all of the parameters into the correct "index". An easy way to
view this is like a spreadsheet: if a file begins referencing empty cells
for some reason, certain fields will return blank answers or errors.
Archiving and unarchiving effectively removes all of the unused "cells" and
then the inputs tend to align.

However, I can only recall one time where I needed to archive/unarchive -
out of hundreds of times with that error. Usually close and reopen does
just fine.

Best Regards All

Bob Fassbender
TRACE Trainer

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 2:29 PM Eurek, John S CIV USARMY CENWO (USA) via

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I found the problem was not having the "CETEMPS" folder. Not sure why the folder was missing. It is working now.

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