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Hi all,

I am trying to install Equest 3.63b on my computer, but when I launch the program I get a pop window that asks for a software registration code:

[cid:image001.png at 01CAFBF4.DC1F9610]

I don't know what code Equest is asking for. Since this is free software, I didn't expect to need a registration code. I'm running on Windows Vista. I've tried re-starting, re-installing, re-downloading, everything.

Has anybody else encountered this before?

Stuart Gregson

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Checking the archives, it looks like you're not the first person this
has happened to... but I don't see any archived responses offering help

I can confirm I've never seen such a prompt after multiple eQuest
installations (Windows XP). But then I've only been messing around with
eQuest for two versions.

Shots in the dark here: Maybe try installing to a non-default directory
or changing the windows compatibility mode?


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I had this issue installing eQuest on Win 7. It seems to be a M$
privilege issue. Following Scott's uninstall and reinstall for "just
me" was the quick fix. I also set the compatibility to XP but don't
know if this is actually required to get eQuest running.
Bruce Easterbrook

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