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I have been looking through some comments on a LEED certification
application. One of the issues that was noticed was the lack of eQuest
BEPS, BEPU and ES-D reports. I don't seem to be able to locate these
reports in my summary after I run a simulation. Can anyone tell me how I
can access these reports?


Marcus Eliason

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There are two ways. You can open the .SIM file (in Windows Explorer in
the project directory) for the appropriate run or through eQUEST's menu,
click "Tools/View Simulation Output..." and select your output and click
"Open". Either way should open the .SIM viewer that allows you to jump
to each relevant report (the .SIM file is a normal text file).

Mark Nieman, PE, CEM

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Additionally, if you select the "View Detailed Simulation Output File"
tab upon completion of the simulation run rather than the "View Summary
Results/Reports" tab you will get a screen that asks you what file's
output you want to see. After you select the file's name you will get
your .SIM report. You can then use Edit and Find to go to whichever
report, ES-D, BEPS, etc., that you want to see.

Carol Gardner

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