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Has anyone had any luck getting support from Hirsch or some other DOE

Amber Welsh, P.E.

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Hi Amber,

When I have received commentary or support from Jeff Hirsch I have always
been extremely ecstatic that he could take time out of his busy, demanding,
(& I'm assuming stressful development schedule) to help little 'ole me.

In terms of software support and simulation assistance your first bet is
this forum. We are all willing to help each other in exchange for help and
support for our own simulation issues when they might arise. If you are
looking for more person-to-person training & support here are a few other

- Marlin Addison is the primary eQuest instructor and I believe he is
formally endorsed by JJ Hirsch & Associates (but don't quote me on this.) I
do not know if he is directly funded by JJ Hirsch & Assoc. or not. His
training classes are typically offered by sponsoring entities around the US
& Canada
- There are other independent professionals & firms that offer eQuest
training classes as well. Some of them will customize thier training
services to fit your personal needs. To find these options I suggest
contacting some of the forum members you've chatted with and ask them who
they have had training from or who they might recommend. (Again this forum
is your first stop for pretty much anything eQuest related, associated, or
'brushed-elbows' with.)
- Along with eQuest training options many independent simulators and
firms also offer technical support (as requested) but it is likely (and in
thier best business interest) to offer this support for a service fee (I'm
sure negotiable for whatever your budget(s) might allow.)
- Visit the www.onebuilding.org page to peruse the vast simulation
archives not only for eQuest but for general DOE-2 help if that is what you
are looking for.

There has been much discussion about the desire & need for a formal
"one-stop-shop" for eQuest/DOE-2.2 technical support, but until JJ Hirsch &
Associates is ready to dedicated some of thier development funding and time
to a dedicated team who work on a support desk (i.e. 800 number or such to
contact for direct help) I don't bet this will happen soon.

Remember that with this unique freeware software that some of us choose to
use, the disadvantage to not paying licensing or user fees to the software
developer then there is not a priority to provide dedicated technical
support from the developers themselves. *Don't get me wrong*--I'm not
implying that Jeff and his colleagues are not willing to help. They are
willing to help, but they are also very busy working everyday to develop and
update DOE-2.2 and the eQuest user interface to try and keep up with the
fast design side of our industry. If I had my druthers; I' druther that
the developers keep working on getting new systems into the programs like
chilled slabs, hybrid heat-pump systems, etc. which will help me to model my
project designs specifically rather than spend thier time sitting on a help

Also, I do commend the amount of written technical support that JJ Hirsch &
Associates has taken the time to publish and put out there for us, but
admittly I will tell you that it is not the easiest to find. If you are
interested in some of the documentation available for eQuest and DOE-2 let
me know and I'd be happy to share my document files with you off-line from
the forum (only because there is a file size restriction on this forum so
large attachments don't get through unless they are sent off-line.)

I suggest first ,try posting your questions or need for specific support to
the forum and there are many of us out there that can help you with what you
are looking for. You're not alone in this seemingly-lonely simulation
world, we've all been in your shoes, and we are all willing to help a fellow

Pasha :)

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