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I have a question about eQuest modeling - I created a model of quite
simple rectangle Office building, but in results I have no consumption
of electricity for cooling during winter (november - march) although in
area specification I have 6 % of floor area specified as a Computer
server room (data centre) with 100 % plug load in occupied and
unoccupied times.

The building is in Prague (Czech republic) and from my experiences based
on real dates from existing building there?s always consumption of
cooling energy for data server rooms in winter in this location.

Do you know, where the problem can? What parameter could I insert wrongly?

Thanks for advices.


*Franti?ek Barto?*

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Hi Frantisek,

A few shotgun thoughts:

? Does that space have unmet hours (see airside tab summary report after a simulation)?

? Does the corresponding zone have a cooling thermostat schedule? Not defining one means the zone won?t call for cooling.

? Is the zone defined as ?conditioned? and not ?unconditioned? or ?plenum??

? Are the other spaces sucking all the internal heat gains out through the partitions?

? Is there exterior exposure (envelope) incident on the space doing the same?

This all assumes you?ve actually defined your computer server room as a distinct zone? If you only defined a percentage activity allocation for the server area within a larger zone (in wizards), your model likely isn?t detailed enough to capture a simultaneous call for heating and cooling between the different zones/systems.

If none of this helps, you might consider uploading your files to the mailing list to allow others to take a look. I suggest doing a File --> Save As? into a new directory, then attaching the few files resulting. Also be mindful to specify which version of eQuest you?re using.

Best of luck!


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Also ? do you have an airside economizer? If so ? you might be running in economizer mode which will show up on your fans, but not space cooling.

Vikram Sami

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You?re right that we didnt define server room as a distinct zone. This
model is for LEED precertification and the documentation is in very
early stage so we don?t know positions and sizes of these rooms. Thats
why I thought it would be enough to add expectation of percentage of
floor area to zone description.

We just need to be sure to get 28% improvement of proposed building
against baseline building.

I?m sending files from equest so you can look at it. Floor plan is in
file "pokus002.dxf".

I?m using eQuest 3.65. Thanks for advice.

Best Regards


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Forgot the attachment, so here it is.


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I made model of quite simple rectangular office building in eQuest v3.65
and energy simulation run succcesssfully, but compliance analysis ends
with error code ""Error Assign zone to baseline floor system:
CRRule::Eval() error posting symbolic (value 4.37216e-297) result to BDL".

Does anybody know, whats the problem, where to find wrong parts in my
model? Or can help to perform compliance analysis in other version of

I found this article about it, but its 3 years old so I think this hould
be already updated.


Thanks for alll advices.


*Franti?ek Barto?*

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