Dynamic model compliance analysis results

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I made model using eQuest 3.65 and after simulation, baseline building generation and results compliance I see 55 % percent improvement in proposed design against the baseline design.

This model is just schematic for CS precertification but the envelope is modeled with most probably final design that will be built. The envelope is kind of a modular system with overall U factor 0,14 BTU/ft2/hr*F per modul (it means both glass a wall parts).

My question - is it possible to get 55 % improvement against the baseline with this U factor? I checked, that LEED requirements is Umax 0,513, so our value is very good compared to this requirements. However compared to our local norms (Czech republic) it is not anything extra, so the 55 % percent improvement surprised me.

In HVAC system I used everywhere standard efficiencies of motorts, pumps etc. and VSD regulation, but this I think doesn´t have as large impact on the result as the envelope - or does it have?

Thanks a lot for all thoughs and answers.


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