Energy Seminar at IIT-Chicago

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IIT-Chicago will be offering a seminar on building energy analysis using eQUEST and DOE2 from Thursday to Saturday morning October 16 to 18. Note that the last date for early registration is October 9. Open website below for details:
Day-1 (morning): eQUEST Schematic Design.
Day-1 (afternoon): eQUEST Detailed Design (Edit)
Day-2 (morning): Editing eQUEST with DOE2.2 and Miscellaneous topics
Day-2 (afternoon): Case Studies using eQUEST & DOE2.1E
Day-3 (morning): M&V and Platinum LEED Certification of CCGT building
The case studies include (1) the CCGT Building, (2) Middle School & Community Center, and (3) High-Rise Mixed-Use Building. All case studies are based on real buildings but modified and simplified to demonstrate Energy Conservation Options and modeling techniques. Participants will receive the input files of the case studies in eQUEST and DOE2.1E for their future use as reference and for use as templates to develop other projects. They will also receive short executable programs in Excel which includes (1) DOE2 Weather File Evaluator and (2) Life Cycle Cost Analysis. PDF files can be viewed from the website.
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