[Bldg-sim] Actual Weather Data and Re: Expert Opinion on Energ. Bldg Simulation in Urban Context

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Pravin Bhiwapurkar did is Ph.D. at IIT-Chicago on Urban Heat Islands. He used DOE2.1E and eQUEST for the study. It required getting raw weather data from NCDC-NOAA for several years for several locations in downtown Chicago and the Chicago suburbs and converting it into binary data for use by DOE2. Pravin now works for the Energy Center of Wisconsin
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I?m new to the industry and have been asked to run an energy model that was constructed in eQuest with actual weather data for 2005 for the purpose of comparing the model to the actual energy usage. Does anyone have suggestions or resources for getting actual weather data into a suitable (TMY or TMY2) format for eQuest? It seems that the TMY2 data that eQuest uses is in binary and may not use all of the fields that the TMY2 standard file layout includes. Any help is appreciated.
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