BIM and Sustainability using ECOTECT and eQUEST Mar 11-12

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Please check the website below for information on the Seminar on BIM and Sustainability to be held on the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Chicago Campus, College of Architecture Computer Laboratory (3410 Bldg, Room 110) from Thursday March 11 to Friday March 12 (two days).
All day Thursday and Friday morning, the presentation will be BIM and ECOTECT. Participants will learn about; 1) File conversion; BIM and Building Simulation Program (ECOTECT, eQUEST, and GBS), 2) Various Simulations and Analysis using ECOTECT; Solar Analysis, Shadow & Shading, Sun-path Diagram, Solar Radiation and Lighting Analysis. This is an opportunity to try out this program on computers before purchasing it.
Friday afternoon presentation will be energy analysis using eQUEST. Participants will receive a CD containing detailed information (step by step slides) on (1) using eQUEST, (2) case studies (DOE2.1E and eQUEST input files) and (3) several useful short programs. The half-day presentation is an overview of the three topics. The emphasis will be on practical design issues associated with real projects using the case studies. This includes creating and saving user libraries (utility rates, etc.) in DOE2.2. Participants are expected to be familiar with using eQUEST.

One of the programs that will be provided on the CD (not mentioned in the announcement website) is the APEC HCC-V Loads program. It has a forms interface. It is a quick and simple way of estimating building design loads for sizing equipment. If necessary the seminar can be extended through Saturday March 13 morning.
To register for the IIT Seminar 6 or to request additional information, please contact one of the following:
- Payam Bahrami, Ph.D Administrative Assistant, arch_phd at or 312.567.3930
- Soeun Lee, LEED AP, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, soeunlee at
- Dong-Hwan Ko, PhD, LEED AP, kodongh at
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