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How do I model one energy recovery unit serving four (4) air handlers in Trane Trace.  My confusion is the one energy recovery unit.  I know in Trane Trace in the systems tab you are able to input whether an enthalpy wheel is being used or not.  It asks for the static pressure and energy usage.  This is when you have the wheel at that AHU correct???

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The solution to this is to add the energy recovery unit to all 4 air handling units. Keep the configuration the same as it is in reality.

Then, make sure that the parasitic energy is set to zero for all of the energy recovery devices except 1. Make sure to add the static pressure to each energy recovery device (remember that this number gets added to the supply and return static under create systems-->fans; so don't account for it twice)

This isn't an exact workaround but it's the closest you can get and will be quite close as long as the 4 air handling units have similar supply and return temperatures.

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