Is it possible to get an hourly kW report for a Trace run?

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I am looking at a sizable college campus with individual meters on each building (which each model was calibrated to).

I am interested in investigating if going to a few master meters would be economically beneficial do to the block diversity, so I am hoping to get the kW per hour output for the runs, combine them into a large spreadsheet, and figure out the block kW per group of buildings. 

I know I can combine multiple buildings into one alternate. The current iteration of Trace700 is acting a little wonky when I combined 5 buildings to put on a central plant (CDS's solution to the program crashing was to run each alternate in that trace file individually instead of all together), so I don't want to keep pressing my luck.

Is this report hidden away like the maxwell report is, or am I just not seeing something very obvious?


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I'm not sure that you'd want to combine buildings. The limitations you are running into may be that you're at the 255 Systems limit. I'd need to know more. As for an hourly kW report, try the graphing utility built into the output or look in the files created after a run. You should see a couple of xls files crested that you can find the info you seek

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As Mr. Fett explained, the graphing utility should do the trick (If you aren't aware of where this is, go to analysis reports, and click the button "Graph Profiles and energy".

Then, click the view menu and make sure you have enabled "settings" and "advanced" mode.

At the bottom, select "Building cool/heat demand"

Then on the left (towards the middle), there is a "comps" field - select "All equipment".

This should get you an ability to total all of your KW demands (thought I would cross reference your total kw-hrs with one of the energy reports for sanity sake)

As Mr. Fett Mentioned, when you "draw" a report, an excel file is created (.csv) in your project directory.

IMPORTANT: Do not open the .csv and then re-draw a report or you will crash the visualizer (because it will be trying to access a file that is opened in another program and therefore inaccessible).

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