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Is there any way to directly model a refrigeration system (coolers/freezers) in Trace? We are modelling a supermarket for LEED certification and want to take advantage of energy saving refrigeration schemes, but I do not know how to justify the savings.


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I just went through this.  As far as I know, there is no direct reflection of refrigeration available in Trace. I spoke with software support and there was no solution for modeling the refrigeration specifically.

  Additionally, if it is for LEED, the software you use has to directly model refrigeration.  The Green Building Design and Construction book specifically mentions E-quest.  Under EA credit 1: Optimize Energy Perfomance, pg 31 says specifically, " For hard-wired refrigeration loads, the impact of energy performance improvements must be modeled with a simulation program specifically designed to account for refrigeration equipment.  For example, dQuest has a refrigeration module that can be used to simulate performance improvements in refrigeration equipment."  (This is for Option 1: Whole Building Energy Simulation.)

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Who in CDS support told you that?!? If you have the refrigerated case schedule then it's rather straightforward to model these as internal, misc loads with some cooling effect to the space they're in. Using the "Cooling Load" energy meter type allows you to assign a cooling coil to a specific cooling plant which can then of course can be DX, for example, with its own unloading curves, etc, etc. If you're talking about a refrigerated warehouse and not just open or closed cases then its a little more difficult.

In fact CDS built several grocery store energy models for the major grocery store chains just a couple years ago. I know at least one of the engineers involved with that effort is still there.

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