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We're preparing our documentation for LEED 2009 EAp2.  The LEED form states the following:  "If the project team used Trace, provide the Input
summary as well as the the Energy Consumption Summary, Energy Cost Budget/PRM Summary report, and Performance Rating Method Details."  What do they mean by "Input summary"?  I can print all the inputs, but I wouldn't call that a summary...

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I wish I knew what that meant too.


However, you definitely need the "walls by direction report", and the new LEED report  also has some input information and may be what they are talking about.

Probably include the assignment tree too.

No project goes through the first time (not that I have heard of anyway), and thus, they will ask for additional information that they need. Don't overwhelm them with all the inputs.

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Thanks for the input.

Have they ever requested room input data?  The reason I ask is because the architect has changed the room numbers a million times since we started the model, so we have a key that we use to equate current room numbers on the plans to the model room numbers, but I'm not sure how that would go over with a reviewer.  Would it be worth the time to fix the model room names?

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