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John, you need to download and complete Table 1.4 from the EAp2 credit resource section of the LEED online website. I would suggest getting the December 2012 version as it's organized much better than the prior versions. That input file is a pain to fill out, but does help organize your energy model better.

As an aside, in Trace, from the "View" menu, there is a "Entered Values" pick in the pull down which can help see all the inputs for your Trace modeling.

Grant Page, P.E.

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Subject: [Trace-users] EA P2 Input Summary (UNCLASSIFIED)

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I am not able to find an "input summary" report in the long list of reports Trace 700 offers. What do the.... nice people at usgbc mean when they request the input summary.

They name 3 other reports by name and left this vague request. Awesome.


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