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I have a question about working on a file stored on a network drive. We like to save our projects on network drives so others users can access them and at job sites they are accessible. When we save a project on the network drive, and access it later we get a warning that states "working on a project (or file) stored on a network drive is not recommended. Because of network timing issues, the files can become corrupted.".
Is that stating that it wants projects that are stored only on local drives? What kind of workaround is there for this problem?
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I too save all my work on the IT server, in lieu of my harddrive. Running calc's has no effect on others, and I've never crashed it due to a timing issue. Most of my crashings stem from modeling something that Trace says is having 2 separate water cooled chillers and a bank of GSHP's that are connected to wellfields...simply cannot be done, but this thread is about the (CYA) warning built into's so they can say "Told you so" later. Again, I've never had this problem in my 10yrs using Trace700.

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I agree with The Emperor. Never run Trace over a network, as any failure will be catastrophic. Not to mention there will be a significant increase in calculation time. I am not sure anyone knows why it tends to crash in such cases, but it seems likely given that Trace maximizes at least one core of a processor, which is way faster than any network.

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There is no workaround. Really. If you consider network speeds and the amount of information calculated on trace (sometimes gigabytes), networks can't always handle it. This is fine as long as you ALWAYS keep a backup. It can cause a catastrophic file failure that deletes all the information.

So basically, move the .trc to a local directory while working on it and then put it back on the network when finished. It may not be ideal, but it saves the hassle of losing everything.

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I have a co-worker who runs trace files on the network all of the time and has never had a problem. I have done it a few times and corrupted a file. I don't do it anymore.
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