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Hello All,

Is there a way to setup equest's default file saving convention to save in a
location of the user's preference rather than to their own hard drive. I
have multiple projects that I am working on and my collegues need access to
the files as well. Since there are such a large volume of files generated
from an equest simulation I don't think it will be very effective or
organized to copy each project specific file to their prospective file
directories. Any help is appreciated.


Kyle Nisonger

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I don't think you can change the default directory. Out of all the files equest creates, however, you only need to copy one file (the .INP file) to recreate the entire project. Make sure it is the one without the dash (baseline design - 1, for example, is a parametric run and is not needed).

If you want to revisit the wizard, you will also need the .pd2 file.


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