Creating a Dome Shaped Roof

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Hello I am attempting to model an oblong dome shaped roof in trace and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Currently we are attempting to break the roof into triangular sections and creating a new roof for each one. This is difficult and time consuming however because the roof covers multiple room which further breaks up the triangular sections.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated

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You are doing about the only thing possible.

Remember, you can simplify your triangles... It doesn't need to be too perfect to be thermodynamically accurate.

The other option is importing a gbxml if you have for instance a revit model. The gbxml import will create a number of very small triangles.

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Thanks for the advice, I ran the model and the glass loads seem reasonable for each space. This is for my college senior design project so we had to build the model in revit ourselves where we faced similar issues. We ended up only using the spaces in our gbxml file. Again thanks for the advice.

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