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How do I get process loads such as snow melt systems to show up as a seperate line item in the LEED Summary report- section 1.8.1? I have outside lighting which shows up as a seperate line item under 'standalone base utilities', but the snow melt doesn't show up at all.  Of course I need to break that our because it is a process load for the EAP2 online form.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I'm not aware of any way to do that.  I just manually calc that info using the scheduled hours for the actual LEED submittal.

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It won't show up separately in that report, since TRACE technically has no idea what it is. What you can do is simply use the equipment energy consumption report, which breaks those numbers up.

You may want to mention that it is from that report. 

PS - Thanks for the screenshot. We just cleaned up the forum a bit as far as user interface goes, and we are glad you are using the (and helping demo) the features.

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