Wizard Shell Review - window size- five 10 sq ft windows equal to one 50 sq ft

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In the Wizard shell Review section and again in the review exam you state that eQUEST only considers the sq ft of the window. So if I have five 10 sq ft windows it is exactly equal to one 50 sq ft. 

I'd like to clarify this as I would have suspect that a higher number of smaller windows would have a greater frame percentage and thus less glass than a single BIG window. Can anyone clarify this?


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Hey Jason-

Thanks for posting to the right place and sorry for the delay in response. With the new courses coming out (under training), it has been "all hands on deck".

Anyway- you are correct in your statement. :-D

The question is regarding the glass solar load though (it was intended to incite the response that you have given, which is great).

See, if you enter multiple windows in the wizard, you end up with less GLASS (when you add the total square footage of all the windows together). Thus, the solar loads are different as you have predicted.

Given the same square footage of glass, the solar loads will be the same - regardless of the number of windows.

To verify this, all you need to do is run the same model twice and check the actual square footage of glass in the 3d view.

Also, thanks for taking the time to fill out your profile!

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