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I cannot seem to get any heat out of my GSHP "well field". Does anyone have a suggestion?

The actual system on paper is a vertical well field with water to water heat pumps that feed AHU coils, perimeter fin, and reheat coils.

I've set up the Water to Water GSHP Hybrid system, following the archive posting of steps:
1. Create a 2 pipe loop with snap temp.
2. Create a 'chiller' of the type ' heat pump'
2. Create an independent circulation loop of the type 'lake/well'
3. Create a ground loop heat exchanger of the type 'lake/well'
4. Select the GLHX loop for the chiller CW loop
5. Assign a custom temperature schedule for the lake/well ground loop based on a duplicate GSHP model with vertical well field and water to air heat pumps and an hourly ground outlet temperature report.
6. Adjust the default head/pump properties for the ground loop (i.e. for a closed ground loop no static head)"

However, the loop does not seem to be heating (so many unmet hours). (V3.65)

How does eQuest convert the ground loop delta T to heat? Is it supposed to be using the heat pump chiller? I have an electric boiler attached to the loop but that just consumes electricity and when I "turn it off" by putting in .0001 for capacity, there are thousands of unmet hours. Am I missing a step?

The normal GSHP loop temps are 110F for cooling and 30F for heating but for the 2 pipe work around, the 2 pipe loop defaults to 40F for chw and 120 F for hw and the GSHP loop to 60F chw 45F hw - is this correct?

I tried to run the same scenario in the 3.65 build 7175 and bootleg 3.70 versions, but came up with the same result.

I also screwed around with the load management and equipment controls but this did not really seem to have any effect.

Please help!

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